Tuesday, 17 January 2017

I Is For Iguana

I wanna iguana.
I want one really bad.
If I had an iguana
It would be the best pet that I had.

Iguanas are really cool.
They have them in a zoo.
They keep them there in cages
But that's not what I'd do.

I would keep it in my bedroom
And let it live under my bed,
With a little bowl of water
And lots of jam and bread.

I'd give it stokes and cuddles
And be very very kind,
And take it into school with me.
The teacher will not mind.

I would take it for long walks
And for rides out on my bike.
I would feed it lots of treats
Of the kind it really likes

Jack's pet is just a puppy.
I need a better pet than his,
So I wanna iguana
But I wonder what one is?

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