Monday, 26 September 2016

Ode To Rachel Riley

Ode To Rachel Riley

Thou art dead lovely Rachel Riley
Because your face is always smiley
Even more than the Minogue: Kylie
I'm sure you don't live in Filey
But if you did I'd rate it highly
You're very clever, smart and wiley
You wear nice clothes in a sexy stylee
I'm sure your bottom isn't piley
I really love you Rachel Riley

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Purple Crow

Why was Purple Crow feeling sad
On such a lovely day?

Because all his friends were busy
And there was no one left to play.

Where were all Crow's friends?
None were on the swings or slide.

Nobody in the park or woods,
But Crow found them all inside.

Some were in the library,
Others reading in their home.

Some were reading in a great big group,
The rest were reading on their own.

You know all pigeons love to read,
As do ducks and geese and rooks.

But Purple Crow was different.
He hated reading books.

He used to try to read them
Like all the other birds,

But none were about the things he liked
And he couldn't read the words.

Purple Crow told his troubles
To a kindly passing swan.

She said “you can use the pictures
To tell what is going on”.

Or get a grown up to read to you
and tell you what is being said”.

Then the pictures will remind you
of the story in your head”.

Swan then explained that not all books
Have a story anyway.

Some just show you pictures
Of places far away.

Some are books of diggers,
Or plants or dinosaurs.

There are some with dancing fairies
Or sharks with snapping jaws.

From that day forth Crow would read
About all kinds of different things.

From monsters who are scared of mice
To Cheshire cats and magic rings.

Cats in hats, hungry bugs,
A princess now in pants.

A dog that's always finding stuff,
And patchwork elephants.

Purple Crow now reads a lot
And thinks a book's a special friend.

He loves them from the front cover
Right until...

The End.