Saturday, 20 February 2016

The 'Mansplaining' Cowboy

A man rode into Mumsnet Town
And all the townsfolk hid.
'Cos going there was a thing
No man ever did.

"Well listen ladies, listen good
And I'm sure I'll get your blessin'
Because I rode here with my manly ways
To teach you all a lesson."

"I've come here to tell you stuff
Like how to drive your cars.
To use a PC, how to vote
And advise you all on bras."

"You need a man to inform you.
A man that's smart and bright.
A man to lead you from the dark
Back out to the light."

All the Women of Mumsnet Town
Thought about this for a while.
Then altogether they turned to him
With a menacing kind of smile.

"Listen 'mate' we don't like you.
You're nothing that we need.
Stop explaining for a while
And take some time to read."

"We're smart and bright and clever.
We already drive and have degrees
And cover every single subject
From particle physics to growing peas."

"You can lecture us repeatedly
On any subject that you can,
But all that goes to show is that
You're a deeply sexist man."

So off went the man with all the knowledge
That he'd thought he'd bring
To do it on another forum
Because he hadn't learned a thing.

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