Monday, 29 February 2016

A Guide To The Identification Of Witches By Their Colour

You can tell the sort of witch you meet
By the colour of their clothes.
And it's so important to get it right 
As everybody knows.

Read this book and it'll be as easy
As falling off a log.
You can't afford to get it wrong.
It's a matter of life or frog.

A witch wearing blue is a water witch
So when she waves her wand
She could summon up a water monster
From a river, lake or pond. 

Wendy: A water witch. She lives in the middle of a stinking swamp and scares off visitors by creating monsters with the spell "Monsterum Aqua Risum".

A green witch will use plants
For her very special powers.
She can put them in a potion
That turns people into flowers.

Willow: She lives in a tumbledown cottage in the woods, and her favourite spell is "Daisy Amazey".

A witch who wears all black
Is very dangerous indeed.
They'll be evil and quite mean to you
No matter how you plead. 

Tabitha: This evil witch likes the classic spells and potions. She loves changing people into frogs. Her favourite food is crunchy deep fried frog.

A brown witch is a poo witch.
If you meet one don't you stop.
If you make her angry
She could turn you into plop.  

Sophie: She likes to annoy people by leaving steaming piles where you least expect it. Hopefully by magic. Favourite spell is "Stopum Dropum Plopum".

A white witch is like a fairy
Who's spells are always nice.
But watch out - a few are nasty 
With spells of snow and ice.

Lian: An ice witch who likes to build ice castles to live in, and singing annoying songs. Lian's favourite spell is "Basic Snowman type B".

A grey witch like this one
Who goes by the name of Gertie
Is just a regular nice white witch 
Who's dress has got all dirty.

Gertie: Sometimes called Dirty Gertie, she likes magicking up surprise tea parties for deserving people. Favourite potion "Lemon Drizzle Cake", although that's more of a recipe than a potion.

Red and orange ones use fire magic
For any spells that they require.
But it does mean that they sometimes
Set their own broomsticks on fire.

 Ameena: She lives in a mostly burnt down house in a burnt down wood. Most used spell "Fe Fi Fo Fum, Get This Fire Off My Bum!".

Yellow witches you don't often see
But generally they're harmless.
You can't really do much wrong using
The power of bananas.

Brenda: Brenda lives on a banana farm and enjoys making her favourite potion, "Banana Potion". It tastes lovely but turns you yellow.

A purple witch is just a black witch
Who wants to wear more glamorous clothes.
But they're still mean and quite dangerous
With blacks cats and pointy nose.

Asha: As mean as the meanest meanie in all of Meanland. She likes fashion, keeping fit, and turning people's hair into snakes.

Ones that wear kind old lady clothes
Are among the trickiest you can face.
Their clothes can be any colour and
And they live most any place.  

????: Nobody knows this witch's name. Everybody who's tried to find out has mysteriously disappeared. Favourite recipes include Harry Cake, Amelia Pie, and Emily On Toast.


A pink witch is the worst of all  
In ways I cannot tell.
They know the foulest kinds of tricks
And all types of nasty spell.  

They'll turn you into monstrous things
With beak or scales or snout.
One zapped your Mum as a child
And look how she turned out!  

Emma: Likes cupcakes, being horrible, and everything pink and frilly. Favourite spell, "The End".


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