Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The Blue Maned Spotted Spanish Tree Giraffe

The Blue Maned Spotted Spanish Tree Giraffe
Is shorter than it might sound.
It is so short that in that fact
It lives in tunnels underground.

The tree bit of its name is wrong,
I'll tell you the reason why. 
Their feet will never leave the ground:
They're scared of being high.

And it's not what you'd call spotty.
All the ones I've seen
Have an even colour all over them,
Usually a mossy kind of green. 

And you won't find one in Spain you know,
Your Mum will tell you if you ask her.
They live on an Island far away,
Just left of Madagascar.

Another thing about the animal,
And this'll really make you laugh.
It's actually a type of frog
Not an elegant giraffe.

And as you might have guessed by now
It doesn't have a mane.
The one thing it does have though
Is a really silly name.

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